The directing scene has witnessed the rise of a new talent: Hasinth Pathirana (Director Ace). This new prodigy is on
the run for every available hot spot in this business and will continue to rise until he gets to the top.
Old and new collide into a very peculiar and intense urban style never seen before.

Coming from a purely Sri Lankan background, his studies in filmmaking and visual effects bought him
to the position he is in now, but the road he has taken has never been a clear path and he had stride
to make it through the most difficult situations. His career started in his birthplace where he used
his skills to get a shot for the very first experimental music video of his life. That very clip surprisingly
made it to national television. It was officially the beginning of his journey.

In an incredibly short amount of time he became one of the best Sri Lankan directors bringing his
country’s standards to a level never reached before; he has produced short movies, documentaries,
TV commercials and music videos, two of which have been nominated in Brit Asia Music Awards 2011. Won – Best International Film Award (IN-SHORT 2012 International Film Festival,Lagos)

As a multitalented individual, his work also spans through photography, singing, acting and
producing. Demands for him have steadily increased because of his innovative style and capacity
over music genres which has brought him to direct a fair amount of music videos as well as
documentaries across the UK,India and Turkey for artists like J Holiday, Sway, Arjun , Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ,Shreya Ghoshal, Arjit Singh , Sona Mohapatra,Himesh Reshammiya, Dr zeus,  Mutya Buena,

Coree Richards, Mista Silva, Keche, Falak Shabir, Raxstar, Shayal, Tyler, Dj Surinder Rathan, Raool, Mumzy Stranger, Eylem,  Junai Kaden, Tasha Tha and Saini Surinder, Saif Adam

What makes him the singularity of this age is his creativity which is not tied to one genre in spite of
another but spreads throughout a vast variety of styles, cultures, sounds and techniques; making
degrees of colors, lightings and camera angles his everlasting signature. His career doesn’t end with
just music videos as he’s already working on his feature movie so be sure of one thing: he’s aiming
to become what he likes to call Spielberg jr.